Morgan St Apartment | Preliminary Renderings

One of the things I've been toying with lately is reimagining the apartments that I've lived in. When I first moved to Raleigh, I fell in love with an old brick building close to downtown. Although the rent was a bit high for me and there were plenty of uninvited guests (I had a spider crawl on my pillow next to me one night), I always look back on my time there fondly. 

Right now, I'm redesigning the kitchen using the Vipp system. Here are some preliminary shots.

An asymmetrical layout makes the most of the small space.  

Floating shelves contrast the weight of the dark cabinetry.

My dream kitchen is black, wood, and stone. 

Duke ALS Clinic | Library

For my final project in the Interior Architecture program at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, we worked closely with the team at Duke to develop a scheme for a new Duke ALS Clinic. We located a site, explored building forms, and devised a space plan that provided an ADA-accessible clinic wing, collaborative work area for clinicians, and a separate amenities building that featured a library and cafe. 

I'm always drawn to the parts of a project that introduce a sense of comfort, so I wanted to take on the library space. Using the Seattle Public Library as a precedent, I chose to keep the environment open, light-filled, and slightly irregular with its placement of furniture to encourage organic movement throughout the space.